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Ignite are a function band for hire based in Norwich. Ignite work at several venues across East Anglia and area available for private hire.

Meet the band

Meet the band. We are made up of a talented bunch of people who love to entertain. Find out more about us and why we love being part of ignite by clicking on our pictures below.

Rikki - Lead Singer

Richard has been around the block a few more times than he cares to remember!

After being an entertainer on various holiday camps & hotels he then joined an 80's cabaret act & did many christmas seasons as singer/dancer at 'The Talk' nightclub.

The best job he had was in an international Steps tribute band, touring all over the UK, cruise ships and hotels abroad.

Then went on to do a chart act called 'The Dream Kids', producing all the music as well as performing in the theatre tours all over the UK.

Always with a smile, he loves it when people are happy, look out if youre not : )

Positively annoying & happy he loves performing although autographs are £20 each or 2 for £30!!! : )

Katie - Lead Singer

With over 15 years singing experience Katie is well qualified to lead the band and thrives in being on stage. A secret Rock Chic (oh yes!) Katie tastes range from Leona to Katie Perry and she also has the vocal ability to match...! To date we have found no songs that this girl can't handle, so if you want to challenge her, just let us know!

With the added pressure of keeping Rikki (our male singer) in order, Katie really does have her hands full, but believe me; this girl can handle anything...

Kev - Lead Guitarist

A financial adviser by day, surfing guitar dude by night! "Fingers" started as a boy strumming along to Dire Straits & Elvis in his bedroom, and has been playing now for over 20 years, gigging for 10!! With musical tastes from Pink Floyd, 70's disco, 80's pop and rock, little or nothing is excluded from his repertoire. Often found surfing a table or doing the splits on stage (ouch!!) fingers is a true entertainer...

Cath - Drummer

Cath moved to Norwich 2 years ago and still manages to confuse most people with her great 'Manc' dialect - translators are often required! She can always be found at "Access to music" were she is a professional drum teacher... and we are proud to have her with us. Cath has done it all from playing on cruize ships, working in jazz clubs and supporting acts like Roger Daltrey & The Cranberries even playing at the Albert Hall! We just need her to work on her accent now... hmmmm.

Malcolm - Bass Player

As any musician will tell you, the back bone of any band is its drum and bass combination, and accompanying our professional drum teacher 'Cath' is Malcolm on Bass.

He has been playing more years than he cares to remember and has played with more bands than most... equipped with the best musical "ear" I have ever come across and also the finest collection of Bass guitars ever, he is a true professional and we are proud to have him with us... As Malcolm himself says... "Led Zeppelin - for the Rock, Motown Bassist James Jameson - for the funk, JS Bach - for the melody and harmony, Little Feat - for showing how far you can stretch the beat and Richard Thompson - for the poetry and musicianship. People sometimes ask me if I have been playing bass all my life, to which I normally reply- not yet"

Ryan - Keyboard

A founder member of the band, by day Ryan is a photographer and by night plays keyboards for Ignite! "I mainly shoot weddings and I have on a few occasions provided the ultimate wedding package - I photographed a client's wedding during the day and then played keyboards for the newly-weds in the evening, the look on the guest's faces was priceless!

Check out my website: and I can do the same for you!!"

He's married and has a little boy, Finlay. He's nearly 10 now and his family are his world. Musically trained on piano for 10 years, he absolutely loves entertaining people through his passion and knowledge of music. Changing in a split second from Hammond organs to full on brass sections, piano to full orchestra, he helps to give Ignite our individual sound.

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