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Ignite are a function band for hire based in Norwich. Ignite work at several venues across East Anglia and area available for private hire.

@ The Studio

With private bookings increasing year on year, the need to promote the band through public performances has become less, this means perspective clients both private and corporate have less opportunity to come and see us play, so it was time for Ignite to get to the recording studio and lay it down live!

So in August 2010, Ignite descended onto Purple Studios Norwich, to start the 1st of 2 recording sessions. With 3 tracks well rehearsed, the kettle boiling and the gear all set up, we started what would turn out to be a very busy 1st session.

With each instrument laying down their parts separately, and the singers giving guide vocals, the songs started to take shape with each instrument building on the one previous until 7 hours later (yes 7 hours!) Oh and 5 bottles of Coke, 3 packets of Hobnobs, and more crisps than Gary Linker could eat in a day! We were all done... well the musicians anyway, it was time for the singers to do their thing, but this would be for another day...!

Over to the singers now to complete our masterpiece.... more bottles of water than you could possibly imagine, several takes in various styles, harmonies, multi tracks and a few discussions along the way, but finally, we were done. With mixing and mastering taking up the remainder of the day, our CD is now ready for you to request, free!

Track Listing:

  1. Superstition
  2. Valerie
  3. Suspicious Minds

Please feel free to join us at our practice studio each Monday night where we will be happy to play you a further selection from our play list.

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